Friday, April 3, 2015

Adequate Impression

Proof of moose in the garden
What is an adequate impression? This moose print is adequate for me to form the impression that there was, once again a moose in my garden, but the moose print is not the kind of impression I am speaking of. (and just for the English major, another sentence ended with a proposition.)

An impression is a mental object that correlates to a person, place, thing or concept, thought or other perceived subsisting item in life. But what makes it adequate?

The object may be real or imaginary (seems real but is not) in life and our mental impression may be a true representation, or it may be off a bit. We could represent this with a 2X2 matrix, but in general, we have a true true, true false, false true, false false decision. Now only the true true is real and is an adequate impression. Most situations in relationships are one of the other three as are frequently communications. Word are dull pointers. There are six objects in a finger pointing at the moon.

So what does this all have to do with food?

Well, it seems to me that nature has given us too much food drive in general as a population, and not enough motivation to do things. It seems if we want to push the limits of our existence to the maximum nature will permit, we need to limit our intake to less that we desire and do more.  Of course nature either wills or permits everything that happens, but there again we can put nature's will on one side and our will on the other for the 2x2 matrix, and come up with four options. It is obvious that natures will is not an exact amount, but it has limits and we individuals can push to one side or the other within those limits. As we get closer to the natural  limit, it should logically become more difficult.

Am I right that nature has given us all too much food drive? That would explain population obesity/overweight issues. It is not genetics, but rather a species problem, given adequate food and processing to make the food more available, produce higher palatablity, quicker digestion and adsorption. Quicker digestion and absorption may be the real issue of processed foods.

So what does this all mean? I guess perhaps only that I need to do more and eat less for long life, and it is not just me but a species thing.  

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  1. Lol -- when i started my blog i planned to be grammatically correct ... but that quickly fell by the wayside!

    I think our biggest dilemma is that Nature couldn't imagine the world we now live in. We now have to struggle against Her AND technology.


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