Thursday, April 23, 2015

Learning to live craving and/or hungry

After all these years, I am concluding that I must learn to live craving or hungry. This latest try has just created more misery. Buddha said something like "life is suffering" or "life contains suffering". That may be it for some of us. A life of craving and/or hunger. LCHF is just fine but the craving is still there. And now one more chief pusher says if it is not working you must be doing something wrong.   He is selling false hope.  

There are some of us that just suffer from some unknown mental or physical defect or characteristic that leaves us craving and/or hungry.  It seems that I am one.



  1. :-( i'm decidedly put off by AE's new path....

    on the other hand, I suspect that if we're "guilty of doing something wrong" it actually means that we haven't figured out yet what IS unique about our problem! as you've discussed recently, it may be that you've got a gut-bug problem. it may be a missing nutrient. it may be something that nobody has yet defined.

    frustrating for you -- it seems terrible to live in a solution-less state of hunger....

  2. As Tess said - it must be so frustrating for you Fred .... Oh that a magic wand could be waved but of course it can't ....

    I will just say that I've liked the pictures at the end of your recent posts - it's cheering somehow.

    Take Care

    All the best Jan

  3. Unfortunately I concur... Every slight downtick on my scales seems to trigger reflexive overconsumption, as if there is some part of me absolutely TERRIFIED of shedding my excess weight & standing fully exposed to the world again.


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