Tuesday, April 14, 2015

More Idiots


So you can criticize but can you offer a cure? No. just more of the same old tired shit.

The diet they are critizing:

Dump sugar
Get enough sleep
Consider modified intermittent fasting (IF)
Exercise different
Up your aminos
Detox- Dump processed food and chemicals

and they pick on...

"go meatless and eliminate alcohol. Get rid of fruit to reset the hunger hormone, leptin. Toss out grains to reset your thyroid, and remove dairy to address your growth hormone levels."

Much of the right advise is for the wrong reasons, as is anyone who just looks at calories, but I do not care anymore.

Getting rid of sugar and processed foods is the best thing we can do for ourselves. An weight loss will make us tired, we will need more that average sleep. Overeating is often driven by stress, so how do we de-stress. Change our attitude, stop caring. Less engagement. Reduce, or let go of our expectations, turn of TV, radio, get off the net, stop being part of society that expects, demands performance. Become a "type B", give stress to others rather than taking on stress. Oh well shit happens. Stop eating for a day or two at days a time. Do something you enjoy that requires energy. Eats lots of meat with real fats, not much starch. How can one not lose weight like that. That leaves veggies and little else.

I grew up among many hogs. Note that pigs, who'd digestive system is much like humans, really like any starch foods. A bit of meat is also just fine for them. Dead horse, dead cow, no pig though. They will go after grain over potatoes long term, but do well on potatoes short term and like potatoes for a change. When I was a kid, there was a big field of potatoes for the extended family. The excess, damaged, knobbly, excess smalls, and massive got dumped to the hogs. They lived of them until they were gone. Note that we can grow much more tonnage of potatoes on land than grains, but potatoes need more care in keeping than grains. Potatoes could be cooked (baked whole), dried and fed year around. But what do I know?

and a picture just because
Meanders a bit, does the Bow. Wide glacial melt water eroded valley. Saskatoon bushes grow along the river in areas, which is what the Plains Cree used for making bows, hence the name.


  1. i came across a comparative anatomy chart "somewhere" (must have been on Twitter) which demonstrated that, contrary to popular belief, the human GI tract most closely resembles a dog's, not a pig's!
    Yeah I know it was a surprise to me too...

  2. Yes Val, and it also seem to depend on what the mad scientist is studding.

    As my problem has a mental component, I do not thing there is an acceptable model other than human, and then only some of the humans. Some do not experience cravings, so I will discount anything they say.


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