Thursday, April 16, 2015

Happy Bacteria

"So when these bacteria get happy because of the quality and quantity carbohydrate available, these bacteria let loose a few peptides that they have collected up, opioid peptides, dopamine, morphine, whatever, and we like those"


Reference  Fiaf posts.

If a toxo can cause a mouse to commit suicide by cat, I guess perhaps the food driving life force could be controlled by bacteria.

Ah sure, well ok, how do I test that?

So if I never give those bacteria suitable food to collect up peptides, and never eat starches, the bacteria population should drop below some threshold level, and the craving should go away. OK.

So what does that mean.

No sugar, grain, roots, seeds, sugary fruits, dairy, nuts, processed meat beyond ground beef, very few stem.

So that leaves greens, beef, eggs, perhaps a bit of bacon, mushrooms, coconut oil, perhaps a bit of Harvest gold canola oil,

So it is a diet of beef and greens. Two clean weeks try I guess. I wonder how long before I can go two weeks clean?


Picture just because:


  1. Right now I'd settle for two clean DAYS... Celebration of the Easter holiday has thrown me off my game AGAIN. Yes, I know - excuses, excuses!!!

  2. What I use to start a cut cycle is is zero carb for two days.

    Only eggs, scrambled in butter, twice what I would normally eat, 2 eggs, so I use four, for breakfast and lunch for a couple of days to start.

    Meat for the evening meal, with shredded cabbage and coleslaw dressing.

    But that is just me.

  3. Whelp it's worth a go - my hens have been laying so I've got a full tray of eggs!


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