Friday, August 16, 2013

Who Knows

As of now, I have more internet expert opinions as to the cause of this overeating / excessive appetite / obesity issue that I struggle with. This issue is best thought of as food cravings, but has been called all the following:

Hyperinsulinemia: Production of too much insulin, requires low carb meals.

Dopamine receptor issue: My body is not seeing the dopamine, for some reason, requires uniform low reward meals, no solution offered.

Opioid peptide consumption: drives hunger, no grains, - wheat, barley, no dairy, no drugs

Food addiction: some faith based controlled eating for the rest of my life, and the cravings got worse.

Compulsive Overeating: some faith based controlled eating approach, and the cravings got worse: and you must not be doing it right, but there are also mineral and vitamin deficiencies.

Addiction: SMART Recovery, more motivation, craving handling, emotional problem solving, balancing life, etc... useful information, but no understanding of the problem...

No will power: Lost of abusive, ignorant, people, CICO, ELMM, and advice that if I were able to follow would help, but does not address the cravings. That abuse made me an recluse or introvert, it is easier to just not go around some relatives and some other people.
And there you have what I have realized, nobody knows what the problem is.

Faith based system, combined with low carb, have got me this far, and a bit of study of philosophy has helped, as has a study of addiction treatments. It seems that eating is controlled largely by the preconscious (subconscious, unconscious, depending on who is writing) part of the mind, and that portion listens better to faith than reason. Lizard brain. If I believe "it", it can be followed, by the body. So how does one develop a faith? Well, seems that is not clear either.

It seems that intentionality is a big part of faith development, along with a strong desire, commitment, and self-discipline (but that is a intellectual brain function). It is all about fostering an attitude of doing right because it is right to do right. It is more about the right attitude and just doing it until all time is used up. What next?  

I as assuming that this is a rare-ish problem, as it is not talked about, or it is just not defined. I think it is human animal based, so the rational part of us is in for a lifetime battle, and I doubt if there is a real solution beyond ongoing struggle. Looking back, the struggle has been less when I was engrossed, obsessed, if you will, in some other hot pursuit. Perhaps that is the cure, but for how long could I keep a "totally engrossing interest or a vital absorbing creative interest, as the SMART people refer to it? And that would need to be 7 days/ week, all other essential time. That is just trading obsessions or addictions I think.

A mapping of the operation of the human animal appetite system might explain a bit of the problem, but we cannot communicate directly with this part of the brain, or can we, enter Jon Kabit-Zinn and other deep meditation people.    

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  1. To quote you Fred "who knows"

    Sometimes we just have to do our best and keep trying. It can be quite maddening at times but my dear mum used to say 'onwards and upwards'.....

    Tomorrows another day, keep positive.

    All the best Jan


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