Monday, August 26, 2013

Stimulus Junkie (Bad poe warning)

Am I a stimulus junkie?

How much stimulus
does a stimulus junkie make?
A stimulus junkie without his stimulus,
not a happy person doth make,
for brutal agitation is felt,
a desire for stimulus,
will be the driving force.

Now what if that desired stimulus
is the intake of food?
Would that not an overeater make?
Is it food the desired
or is it the stimulus that is desired?
If it is the stimulus,
then displace of the food
with a different stimulus,
a solution could make.

Is the secret why of the
vital engrossing creative interest,
the causes that drives
the solution to work?

Not a solution,
the swapping of obsessions,
but harm reduction,
the solution to polution;
choose the lesser weevil,
since no god, no sin, no evil,
all beyond my control,
only virtue and vice,
in my current belief.

But is a lesser damaging obsessions really better?
of obsession, no,
of damage, yes,
but what of the obsession, the root?
Is it not better to pluck the root out
so it is unable to grow back?
"but how", is the refrain from the back pew
and yet that would be the true solution.

To never practice an obsession,
would anything get done?
It is obsession that drives desire,
in directions that have no end in sight,
and yet so much has come
of the obsessions of the minds
it but one statement of them that can be made
of nature, obsessions come.

To live by nature, the stoics say,
then to practice obsessions is nature's way,
and to live by nature's hand is what we do.
Direction of obsessions may be all
that is, within our command.
A human characteristic, this obsession may be,
to practice or not may be within human command,
but of practice, in response to nature's demand
be stronger, of what, is within out command.

Nature is a cruel beast,
to driver us so to feast,
and yet without the intake of like
we would be unable to strike
fear or passion, to answers to natures demand
to produce, to grow, to expand, until we expire.

So what is next,
to what stimulus must I require,
to dance at the end of the wire,
just a puppet to to nature's desires.

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