Sunday, August 25, 2013

Bad Poetry, What's Next

Bad Poetry did not fly
but I will give it another try.

What in common do these have?

Living Intentionally,
A full balanced life,
An Action Plan,
A Vital Absorbing Creative Interest,
A Philosophy of Life,
Finding the reason god placed us here,

But gods are not for the rational,
which I hope to become.
That is to say,
emotional controlled, I am.

So it is all about filling time
until time is no more,
when life has come to a inevitable end;
fill time with Stoic joy,
that is anything not pain.
Boredom need not apply.

Now to find the pursuits
to fill the available time,
without the expulsion of much energy
nor excess of funds
so engrossing that it displaces
the craving so strong;
for food, that has gone on far to long.

Taubes explained a physiological problem,
Lustic another, yet others remain.
Psychological strive with CBT to find
what a Stoicism or Buddhism provides.
And yet something is just not there,
the motivation, the drive,
the spark that ignites the energy, the passions.

Carnegie said do not criticize, condemn, or complain,
to this we should add compare
but instead give honest and sincere appreciation,
raise an eager want,
Become genuinely interested in other people,
so why not a issue, a problem, a situation,
but then when we find the solution,
all that remains is to do the solution,
but passion is in despair.

That is where the problem is,
I know the solution,
yet am unable to get myself to do it,
for the sake of passion,
or is it motivation,
or energy,
or fire in the belly.

How does one light a fire,
by rubbing two dry sticks,
but with gasoline it is quicker.
Nash said: candy dandy, but liquor is quicker.

What's next, in the line of passion,
obsession, motivation, desire.

Or am I just burned out
from the continuous stimulus.
going black.


  1. "A full balanced life" sounds a good thing to try and achieve. It is not easy to do but we should always try. Helping each others,surely we should do our best to help each other. Some find this easier to do than others but we should always try.

    Poetry, writing, reading is what you like. Sharing is good too.

    All the best Jan

  2. Thanks Jan

    My life is wonkie, not balanced though.


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