Saturday, August 3, 2013

Desire Management

Desire management is a concept that has yet to ripen. Historically, desires were not able to be satisfied, and we likely had less. Before we can desire something, we need to know that it exists, or dream of it's existence. Desire arise naturally from that point. If we know something does not exist, the desire for it will not arise from the emotions or animal core part of our brain. It could arise in the intellect, and give rise to the development of such an product.

Modern human philosophy approaches life from the view of desires are to be satisfied if possible, as opposed to the historical view that desires are to be managed or dissipated. That is a big difference in philosophy that has crept into our live unnoticed. Processed food has been marketed to this, and we buy and eat, suffer from insulin rush issues, insulin production depletion issues, and nutrition displacement issues. This is the source of the obesity epidemic, but what do I know.

When we learn to manage our desires, and eat to provide nutrition for our damaged bodies, the problem should go away. But there is the rub, doing it. A bit of fruit helps, I am assuming it is inositol issue, in my case, and quite a bit of fat, a little protein, and all should be good. Well, maybe, in theory, but the real issue is just doing it.    

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