Thursday, August 22, 2013

Intentional Living

Intentional living is a term that I never connected with as a potential solution to the obesity problem. It is a concept worth exploring as a solution to not living well, which I beleive, is one of the roots of my obesity issues.  This employes mindfulness and a philosophy of life, a plan for life (good or otherwise), and is often associated with a community, or other green concept. A off the grid condominium would be a example. How would one do it? Power, waste management, possible garden, heat, etc would all be common property, and the units would be private. Perhaps a common area, common kitchen, and a common philosophy... to live naturally, as a community. Perhaps a community garden.

This would require dedication to a common goal of such life. It would require attitude control, and submitting to a common philosophy, including the value of community, and learning to live in a group, of my some plan. These are not common characteristics of the masses today. There would be a lot of learning to do, and a commitment to a philosophy or all engrossing vita concept. It is that intentional attitude that would foster the most dedication. It would be the belief or value that one could use to control one's life, including food. The common goal, just like Star Wars prime directive, would need to be considered first. Is this action good for the group, and good for myself? Does it fit with my primary intention in life? Is this part of intentional living? Intentional living must have a primary goal, which likely includes taking care of myself.

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