Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Food Addiction

Is food addiction real or just a habit? Either way, it is difficult to overcome. Does the recover depend on if it is addiction or habit? No. Is there a clear method or philosophy of recovery / overcoming the issue? There are several, none complete, but combined together... maybe.

First it is a series of decisions, that must be made, until the habit of proper behavior is established. The first is it is my responsibility and duty to recover / break the habit. I have a choice, eat or use, and it is this choice that I must make on a frequent basis.

Eating can be considered to be spartan meals, that which is necessary, nothing that causes a rush of dopamine, serotonin, endorphins, or any other I like this chemicals. Limited carbohydrate, and reasonable amount of protein, green vegetables and perhaps a root each day. Anything more is using.

I will try this philosophy for a while and see if it works.
added later      From     Definition of addiction requirements

1. Tolerance as seen when an individual consumes a larger quantity of a substance to reach intoxication or a desired effect; or when a person experiences a markedly diminished effect when consuming the same amount of the substance
2. Withdrawal as demonstrated by a withdrawal syndrome or taking another substance to alleviate or avoid withdrawal symptoms
3. Consuming the substance in larger amounts or for a longer period than the person intended
4. A persistent desire or unsuccessful efforts to reduce or control substance use
5. An immense amount of time is spent on efforts to obtain, use, or recover from the effects of the substance
6. Because of use of the substance, participation in social, occupational or recreational activities are given up or reduced
7. Substance use continues despite knowing that a persistent physical or psychological problem is likely to be caused or aggravated by using the substance


  1. I don't know about food addiction since I never suffered from it. Mary Dan Eades used to work with food addicts--have you come across any of her work?

  2. Lori" Thanks for the reminder of Mary. I have been working at understanding and recovering from it for most of 30 years. Mary Eades was of the first medical types that had anything useful to say about it, but we have gone beyond that now. At some point however, we need to understand the food also. The understanding of the treatment has taken a leap in the last few years, to where there is treatment, not just management. Thanks for the reminder.


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