Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Addiction Stages

Is some obesity a direct result of a food addiction? Yes, it starts in children, and is persistent through life. A major change in lifestyle and diet is required, and even then, the weight is difficult to keep off, due to cravings and urges. For most of us the cravings and urges are internally generated, in addition to chemical in the foods.

The cause is likely over or under production of one of the hormones. Serotonin, opioid, dopamine, and endorphin are frequently sited, as is insulin, adrenalin, cortisol, leptin, depending on who is talking. It can be a receptor issue, or over utilization, high need, or other problem, including protein shortages, missing vitamins or minerals in the diet. No one has a clear answer, or there are more than one issue. It can also be a behavioral or process addiction.

The names for the problem run the range. Some say it has comorbidity with personality problems, emotion problems, non-copping skill issue and/or OCD. Anyway, compulsive overeating, as it is often termed is likely a misnomer for some. Food addiction, where it is a chemical in the food that causes the problem is one version. That is the easy one, leave out the foods and get on with life. No sugar, wheat, acellular carbohydrate, omega 6 oils, dairy or other foods containing exorphins, artificial sweeteners or flavorings... AKA Paleo, Primal, 19th Century.

Or is it a behavioral addiction, which is separate from a issue with addictive behaviors, which are problems of immediate gratifications (PIG's) which are low impulse control issues. Then there are the persistent habits, and natural responses, instincts gone awry, of we humans, in a world which has changed beyond us. We, the organism, are not adapting to our environment. No wonder we are not progressing, we are not talking about the same problem.       

After a temptation arises, we have a choice, to use or not use, that is the question. If we choose not to use, perhaps we need to go away, to remove ourselves from the temptation, go do something, or become involved in an all engrossing activity, what ever that is, to lose ourselves into. I cannot hang around open food. It is torcher, touchier, or how do you spell the agony. 

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  1. If we can start with the young and introduce children to a good healthy choice of foods, keep sugar levels low it must surely give them a better introduction and start in life. There are of course temptations everywhere but we must start somewhere and where better than the young?
    Just my thoughts

    All the best Jan


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