Friday, June 7, 2013

Food Reward - derogatory concept

I find the term Food Reward a derogatory term. Reminiscent of Skinner...rats. Is the guy calling me a rat? The term just turns me off, even though it may be technically correct, if the food desire, or food habit uses dopamine, serotonin, endorphins, or opioid circuits to force us to eat.

The real issue is the trace amounts of these that are found in all/most processed foods and naturally occurring in many more food stuffs.  Avoiding these is near impossible, and at times impossible unless I can cook for myself. Those of us who have high sensitivity to any of these must struggle against them, and those who push those foods, or return to the obese, a miserable place to be. The disease portion may be high sensitivity to these natural chemicals.

The temptation portion of the food world is the most troublesome. With other addictions, it is less, for we can get out of the life that promotes drugs, But every grannie, female friend without the obesity issue is a food pusher. I cannot have some foods in the place else the will be consumed, in too large quantities. It is a PIG. Problem of Immediate Gratification.



  1. i find that term reeks of condescension.... Guyenet should have become a priest instead of a "researcher".

  2. I agree, Tess! God forbid that people should enjoy anything in life!

  3. I agree Tess. God forbid that anyone should enjoy anything in life!


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