Saturday, June 8, 2013

Temptation Stage

When we odd people look at some foods, smell some, see advertisements or pictures, our mouth waters, and we desire. For some of us it is real bad, drooling like a retriever or a Newfe  (wet mouth dogs) as we walk through a grocery store. The images are causing serotonin, opioids, dopamine or endorphins (SODE's) to be released in our brains, causing the effect. We need to learn to moderate this effect. Thinking of these items as non food stuffs, poisons bait, brown lumps of shit, what every we need to think, just to get through.

Food can be divided in three groups, stuff we dislike, stuff that is neutral, and the stuff that causes us problems of excessive desire. We people who suffer from excess food desire, trying to just survive without obesity, usually eat only the neutral stuff, but even those are not safe. Frequently someone has added something, "to make it better" and that starts the drooling, wanting more cycle.

Is this a behavioural addiction, addictive behaviour, habit, or a real chemical issue which has no name, no treatment, and is rareish, or never talked about? Is this a shortage of a SODE, or a problem with a receptor, hedonic adaptation, or just a moral gluttony issue, or mild Prader-Willi like issue. I was born obese, grew up obese, lived obese or on a diet all my life, and nobody has answers. I have dabbled in diet, low carb, nutrition, OA, smart, therapy, numerous "treatment", most of which helped, including the old philosophers methods, just change the impression to putrefaction. (Read the Stoics for more explanation if desired.)

None of this is normal, but then I am not alone with this issue. Over the last 30 or so years, I have met hundreds with this issue, and have watched as many ballooned and died off from heart, liver issues, DMT2, and complication of obesity, and yet it has no name, no diagnoses, and others say it is not a real condition. Nicotine helped, so lung problem were also common as I (we) used smoking as self treatment. The end of rant.


  1. "The end of rant."

    So called rants can help in certain situations, get things out of your system and try again hopefully calmer and seeing things in a different light.

    All the best Jan

  2. Thanks Jan. Venting is necessary.


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