Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Research shows... and yet

As part of a group of "compulsive overeaters", I think that there is a correlation, but not necessary a one that will show up in the mass population. Everyone of us is obsessive about food and other thing in our lives. We are obessive-compulsive people, but few of us are sufficiently severe to be diagnosed with OCD.

Most of us also use our obessive-compulsive nature for our work...our other unbalanced portions of our lives where we enjoy and spend time, after recognizing the problem. This is not our only common problem, but a frequent one, to common for no connection. Until we recognize that obesity is not a single problem but a group, and address each and every single problem, I predict there will be no solution.

Mild obsessive compulsive thinking can be handled by the relabel, reframe, refocus, revalue method developed by Dr. Schwartz ... 
His first book, Brain Lock, helped me a great deal.


  1. " I predict there will be no solution." ...... and you may well be right Fred.
    Yes, obesity is an ever increasing problem, no pun intended. It was described recently as a ticking time bomb. The tick is getting louder and still there is no satisfactory answer that people want to hear. I wonder do they want to hear? The big food manufacturers certainly don't appear to want to, do they.

    Just my thoughts

    All the best Jan

  2. Thanks Jan; I have found a solution to most of my issues, to where I know how to live on in the upper end of overweight range, and am still looking for more solutions. In the last 30 years, I have reworked my philosophy a number of times, each time getting closer to correct. I have now understand motivation, and how to lever it off my values, and still that is not enough, along with Primal/Paleo/low-carb/19th Century. Most people will not go to that effort. That is the primary reason to say that there is no simple solution.


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