Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What Causes excess hunger?

Remaining hungry, needing to be hungry to loss weight, or even to maintain weight loss is not really practical long term, but that is what I am faced with.

We have heard at length how to live with low calories, low fat but nobody talks about over coming hunger.

We have heard how it may be gut bacteria, running low on energy through energy locked in due to insulin, how it may be brain chemistry, temptation, one of the phases of insulin, yet I am able to go a few days without hunger, and in extreme cut periods, it is less of an issue. If I am busy, although being hungry, I am more able to not eat.

I have explored sugar issues, grains, dairy, eggs, starches, Omega 6 oils, fasting, eat everything concepts, and have still found no solutions.

Perhaps it is time to explore the mind as a solution. Sitting, in a hungry state, has been suggested by a eastern grue, and watching the hunger. That is pure torture. Mono meals, one food only has been suggested, but "I can't get no satisfaction." Perhaps it is too weak of satiety signal. Is there any food that boost the signal?

Dr, Jay suggests it is dopamine issue. There is no available treatment.

I have tried supplements, and some had perhaps minor effects. Phen-fen worked for a three day on, 4 day off cycle, but it is not available and dangerous. But even that danger was likely better than the alternative of obesity or starving.

Low carb helps, but even without carb creep, the hunger is there, getting worse each day, each month, each year. And the medical community has no solutions, other than mutilation, and then only about 25 percent keep the weight off.

There is something I am missing, but then I have been obese all my life, losing or gaining, never stable.


  1. best wishes on finding a solution! it's so frustrating when this happens.... have you tried taking a walk when you feel this way? sometimes i find that helpful, as well as doing something with my hands (in my case, needlework).

  2. The worst part is that nobody seems to know any answers, with all the weight loss experts. The cause of hunger, and the hack to get around it should be basic to weight loss.

  3. after reading J Stanton's outstanding series on hunger, i suspect he's closer to the truth than anything else i've read.... the trick in practice, i guess, is figuring out EXACTLY which micronutrient will put the hunger-monster to sleep on any particular day!


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