Monday, April 23, 2012

Oiling the gut

Oiling the gut as per Shangri La seem to delay the onset of hunger. Let me make this clear, it does not increase satiation noticeably, but allows me to go longer between eating without hunger. Once hunger is there, look out, it is too late.

This is a N=1 experiment only that I have been try in the past 5 days. I have been mixing canola oil and a bit of honey as an emulsifying agent with water and drinking it down, as gross as it is. About a table spoon of oil, 15 grams, and a glob of honey with 3/4 liter of water, ice chips, and shake well. Old one kg peanut butter jar, just because it was there. I have been having a big slug, ever 3-2 hours, with small oil rich meals.

I think that Seth Roberts has an incomplete explanation as to why it works. First, is it often said that hunger is a gut physical sensation, and that bit of oil may provide a first pass effect, feeding the gut. It does seem to change that active hunger, and ease the amount of food required for satiation a bit, but only if I eat before I get hungry. I am also trying a shot before meals, when practical.

The energy level is much higher on oil than before. My normal diet is a low carb calorie restricted diet, even to maintain weight, as I will overeat on anything. I expect that nature did not want us to be high energy and using body fat only. That would not be prudent. Slow release of saturated fat may be the energy governor. I can be still high energy when required, but the motivation required must be much more extreme. Yet walking at a slow/reasonable pace does not require pushing myself.

This oiling may also be speeding ketone production, or just provide more oil to be converted to ketones. The mono and pufa oils are not used for fat production, according to LR. Vanderhaeghe et al., but she thing saturated fat causes obesity, so it is not a trusted source. It is saturated fat, but it is the saturated fat that we make that is the big source. I do think that she may be right, where we were eating low carb and getting fat, however rare that might be.

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  1. (nodding) when i read the book, i was inclined to believe that oil-drinking worked for reasons DIFFERENT from what Roberts proposed.

    why are you using canola instead of olive oil? (i'm of the camp which believes that "industrial seed oils" are damaging to the liver.)


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