Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Now it's drugs are the solution

I do not know why I keep reading Sharma, except that I have met the man and he is local.

Now he think that drugs are the answer.

The real answer is a change in attitude about life, thinking, self and growth in knowledge about food to make proper choices. The proper choices do not include the abundant cheap processed foods available for hand to mouth eating.

Obsession, in some form, is one other issue, which I talk about in my other blog. This blog deals with the physical nature of human and the food we eat, and serves mainly as my record of accumulation of opinions about modern diet. It is the change in attitude that must lead the way. It is not important to me what other people believe, only what I believe is important to me.

Now all I am left with is the continual doing which is against the current of modern life, against my accumulated conditioning, which makes it an ongoing struggle.

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