Friday, April 6, 2012

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The Best Eating and Exercise Plan for YOU is the One You Can Follow

and there in lies my problem.

I crave food, am addicted to foods, get hungry, and unable to eat at such a level to lose all excess weight, and keep it off. I am down a long ways, but still have issues.
Low Carb helps, but I get hungry, and the only way I can lose weight is to be hungry before every meal, go to bed hungry, wake up hungry, and eat small metered low carb meals. Dairy and fruit make me hungry than I was to start. So what is the solution? Sugar, grain, and seed oils have long been out of my diet, because they made me ravenous.

Sharma is fattening rats at on HF rat food.

"Rat chow": A diet of standard lab rat food, 16.7% fat, 26.8% protein, 56.4% carbohydrate (6.5% sucrose)
"High fat": 45% fat, 24% protein, 35% carbohydrate (17% sucrose) -

 yes, note the sucrose, and the fat typically is Crisco hydrogenated, and using this as evidence against HFLC. Poor Sharma, I feel sorry for his clients/patients, but then he is into mutilation of the digestive tract as treatment.

Beth at takes another look at food addiction. But I know that I am addicted, Mark Lewis, Robert Lustig, Gabor Maté describe it well enough. Those of us that have real issues likely have more than one problem. Perhaps something stimulating hunger like symptoms as well. Some bacteria perhaps, as antibiotics seem to reduce hunger. I do not know.   

There has always been a few obese throughout history, perhaps 1 to 2 %. Now add, insulin resistance/diabetes, food addiction, combined may explain it. and now cheap sugar, grains, ever present fruit,  processed ever present good tasting food, TV, refrigeration, electricity doing all the work, inactivity, the collective media/medical ignorance of the food science, as it relates to weight loss.  

Change in the way I think is the only solution I see, short of termination or just walking away and eating myself to death. But then, I am just a spirit having a human experience for the first time.

and then we have a wild idea  a correlation at least, but any pollutant would work, even herbicide, petrochemicals.  


  1. Add to this the whole disrupted microbiome that Kurt Harris has been discussion recently on a couple of blogs (for which there is currently very little understanding or effective treatment).

    I do think you're right re the having more than one problem. Have you met others who have the same hunger issues that you have ... where it's seemingly unresponsive to diet? It sure seems like there's something else going on, whether leptin deficiency or maybe even some kind of intestinal parasite (ref Chris Kresser).

    I hope you find relief eventually!

  2. have you ever tried zero-carb? i've heard that some people are very intolerant of plant toxins.... (i think i'm one of those.)

  3. @ tess

    Yes I have, and lasted about 1 day, until the head ache sent me down. It seams I need 30 to 50 grams per day to lose weight, but the hunger is bad. I have tried short fasts, but as soon as I see food, the hunger is there, bad.


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