Sunday, April 1, 2012

Psychology and weight control

The psychology of weight control/weight loss has a big impact on a subset of us obese/exobese, self included. When I started this recent round of efforts (2008), The Alberta Health Services Weight Wise Program (Dr. Sharma) referred me to a psychologist, at my expense, who was larger than I was. I was about 160 kg at the time. She was actively in the throws of compulsive eating, or binge eating, or what ever. She munched on trail mix sort of stuff for that 50 minutes. I concluded that, even at that time, I knew more than she did about the problem, my problem. Yes, that is ego, but it is about right.

The approaches vary widely, but they do not have much success. Cognitive behavior therapy- self esteem building, humility building, some form of ego modification is all they can offer, if the client has deep pockets.

The eastern approach of 'dissolving' ego thought the spiritual approach, seems to help. This is what OA also dabbles in, well more like humility development ego modification. That program does not have a clear understanding of how their program works, when it works.

The 12 steps a blunt instrument for this purpose, but effective for some. It seems that substantial spiritual development is required for many. For some that recover, leaving their addiction food out is enough. These have good success in OA, but some of us also battle hyperinsulinemia, prediabetes, diabetes, dopamine issues, opioid production, food reward and other issues, as well as glucose/insulin fat storage issues.

Where is this going? I do not know. I will start from a position of do not know.    

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