Monday, April 2, 2012

Pink Slime

Pink Slime -- yes--, I can do something about it. I have decided no more processed food unless I processed (or could) it in my own kitchen.

Ultimately, mindfulness of food suggests a bunch of questions. The first one can be " is this real food?" -- as opposed to fake food. I do not have a issue with eating sawdust or dirt, so if I do not consider it food, why would I eat it.

Processed meat is satisfying in the short term, but I get hungry quickly, possible due to induced high short blood sugar, which results in a sag at 1 - 1 1/2 hours. It may be a insulinogenic, like dairy products.

I think I will just put this stuff on the not food list. It is all about what we think, for thinking drives actions.

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  1. [nodding...] even before the "pink slime thing" i decided that grinding my own meat made a better burger. i've been making my own sausage and corning beef, too, because it's so hard to get without nasty stuff in it! you have to feel sorry for the people without the time and resources to do it, though....


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