Monday, February 20, 2012

Reciprocal of Nutrition Displacement

The Weston A. Price made nutrition displacement concept into a Foundation. Nutrition displacement is the concept of sugar, starches, and seed oils displacing nutritious food, resulting in mineral and vitamin deficiencies, often at the sub-clinical level. The result is poor development of bones, and specifically the mouth and teeth.

What is the reciprocal, where we eat the required protein, a bit of fat and green vegetables? We should be short on carbohydrates, aka calories, but should not suffer from hunger and greens are fairly slow to digest. Any green, other than peas, should be fair game. Three - four cups at every meal, raw.

The only way is to test. Lent starts this week. Giving something up for Lent should be a good excuse for an atheist. Giving something up for lent should kill any necessity to explain. Actually, I have been eating this way for a few days now anyway. Fresh spinach, beets with tops, kale, rapini, mini bok choy, and the like just hit the stores at reasonable prices.  We still have snow, and noting gets into the ground until the first of May anyway.

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