Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Five Rooms

We have at least five major rooms in us, five areas, each with there own need.

  1. the physical, with a need for exercise, food, nutrition
  2. the emotional, with its need to be heard, to be felt, to be expressed, with imprinted reactions
  3. the intellect or mind, with recall memory, and the seat of knowledge and learning
  4. the spiritual, where our beliefs and values reside
  5. the social, where our relationships arise. This may include our need to express, our language center. 
We can have no cognitive dissonance been the sections. Each section contributes to motivation in varying amounts, which varies between people. The intellect is driven by goals, by decisions, the type A person. Others of us are driven by what we feel, the emotional portion, our aversions and attachments, type B and C. C's do not express there emotions, but repress emotions through training. Others are controlled by there beliefs, those with a religious bent, with there expectations and delusions. Others are driven by relationships, by family, by control of others, by power over others. Some enjoy physical things, and enjoy doing physical things.

We all possess all in varying amounts. Some of us have high emotional components. There is no point in setting goals, for these do not motivate, only frustrate. 

In the food area, the weight area each section must be satisfied by our life style. Physically, emotionally, intellectually, spiritually, and socially. The lifestyle must address and comply with all to be successful. Government guidelines are garbage, to be ignored, as they are in the pocket of big Ag, big Pharma. 

Repressing emotion is a form lying, not being true to the authentic self. We do not need to act on emotions, but we do need to express them, at some time during the day, else they will fester. 


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