Saturday, February 25, 2012

How Strange this Infestation Is

My site is infected, according to the Google generated red screen that  comes up on my main computer. Yet I could get on yesterday from the basement old machine, running windows 95 dual Dos boot. As an engineer, I need to keep a few old programs around, including machines that can run them. I paid for them, and only rarely use them now, but have used them in the last 10 years, so my basement is an engineering office archive.

But from my main machine, I can access the dashboard from another site, and build away, unable to actually see the result, or access the blogs list, where I read all those blogs from. I think I will go unplugged for a few days, and see it it clears up.

Even the preview brings up the red screen.

Back to the high greens weight loss cycle. It seems to be working, down possibly a couple of kilograms in a week. When we look at something like Keven Hall's work, it becomes apparent that glycogen is attached to much water, producing a CD (caloric density) of perhaps 1 for somewhere between 1 and 4 kgs. Ometal fat, with a CD about 4 or 5, and inter muscular with a CD of 7 or so. So weight is a number, but where is the loss from?

Greens take considerable work to digest, and slow as well to digest. Greens cause long "time to hunger", which is the key. Protein and fat are good for satiation and satiety, but so are greens. Greens have the advantage of being low in calories, and after digestion, I am not convinced that there is a net gain in body energy. Once we eat stems, flowers or root, there is a gain, but what about the leaves. The chlorophyll bearing parts had low CD, often 0.1 C/gm.

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