Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Obesity Personality

http://www.weightymatters.ca/2012/02/is-obesity-disease.html talks about the issue, but does not identify that many of us obese/exobese have extremes of personality.

But why? It is the extremes that cause the problem, combined with a upbringing that allows chemical dependence to develop.  Our personalities are often flat, over accommodating, unable to easily say no, not willing to disappoint, will do anything for a stranger, but hard on those close to us, expect perfection from others, but provide nothing in return. There are those too that feel there life has been unsatisfactory.

Others of us are aggressive, takers, but these do not have issues in turning there life's around, once they recognize the problem, and overcome the misinformation fed to us by the "food authorities".

The obese/exobese are a self selecting subset of the population, and occurs largely is specific personality subsets of the population. The retiring, lay back people. But is this a necessary characteristic, or the result of chemical dependence, pushed by Big Ag, Big Pham.  

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  1. "Exobese."
    Hadn't seen that term before. I kinda like it!



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