Monday, February 27, 2012

One day without the red screen

The bug seem to have left, just as mysteriously as it arrived. But then Spam for virus protection. Coincidence? I doubt it. Just another form of intimidation, protection racket. I will walk away before I pay protection. There is nothing on this site that has value, that is not found elsewhere. I do no original work, other that testing on myself.

The social Media is fine, but at what cost? It becomes a personal cost/benefit analysis. At some point, the cost becomes too high: the screen goes blank. It is not like I generate revenue from my disordered thinking and notes.

Living in present time, real time, now time has it's issues. Constant learning, aiming at a moving target that may not really exist... aka... retirement. What to do?

It seems Sharma has changed his comments settings. It did post directly a bit back, but now nothing. OH well. and Yoni's comment started this.

The government seems to blame the obesity on society, but back in the late 60's/early 70's there was much concern over world food shortages. But then the governments came out with this high cereal guidelines; chemical fertilizer, and new high yield cultivars came out, and the world food shortage issue fell into yesterdays news.

Now we know gladlin breaks down into opioid peptides in some people, and is therefore addicting. Sugar pushes serotonin from the gut to the blood and hence to the brain, and is addicting. This drives the food intake, and insulin stores the glucose as fat, we do not go through the hunger to get insulin down, but eat instead, resulting in obesity.  (Positive, aka growing, feed back cycle of eating) We know this. Science knows this. But those who are in 'charge' ignore, and carry on. spending tax dollars, getting paid, looking for a solution that is not the governments fault. All we need to do is stop eating sugars, grains, and seed oils and the problem get much smaller.

Also casein break into opioid peptites. aka butter and cheese can be addicting in some people.

Eat chlorophyll, low in calories and high in satiety and satiation. Eat real food, meats, etc.

From Jay Wortman --  the increased risk of gout happens only in the early stage of a LCHF diet because rising ketones inhibit the excretion of uric acid through the kidney. The elimination of dietary fructose will lower uric acid levels in the blood and when the kidneys stop excreting ketones the elimination problem goes away, too.


  1. Have you checked your machine for malware? Run Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, available from the following link:-

  2. Thanks Nigel

    The red screen is actually my virus protection. When I looked up the code, it was objecting to a link to a site that has malware on it. By that time, I had deleted the link and fixed the problem. Paleovillage, be aware.


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