Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The first decision

I was wandering around the happy fat sights, why, I do not know. http://healthateverysizeblog.org/ , https://danceswithfat.wordpress.com/  It occurs to me that at the start of any weight loss contemplation, one must make a decision, am I happy at this weight or do I want to adjust my weight?  It is that decision that plots the direction. If you are happy where you are, so be it, it is your life.  The prime directive applies.

The happy fat sights are all about living at and weight, and dealing with those "obese" issues. For those of us who have decided to try to understand this disease of obesity to beat it into shape, we soon see that it will be a long battle, and along the way we will see how far we have come. I have not yet beat this problem, but have explored many aspects of obesity, and have more to explore, but have let go of 50 kgs, and a bunch of attitudes. That sight reminded me of one more that I have let go, caring what other people think. It is none of my business.

It is difficult to put up with all the untrained thinking when we have explored Stoicism a bit. It is just untrained, as untrained drivers on the road are just like aggressive cattle. A few days of training and a better attitude would improve the traffic a lot. A week of classroom education on driving, dangers, stupid moves, and the like, would help, just like the driver training that we took in the sixties to lower our insurance. The biggest difference is in attitude, intention, knowledge, and the like mental exercises. Just because you got a license does not mean you know how to drive well.

But back to Stoicism. It teaches so much, and yet there is more to learn. It is not that I know that much, but there is so much bullshit in the weight loss industry. It is just hard to go along with the government when they are so wrong. http://www.diabetes-warrior.net/

Enough, back to work.


  1. 50 kilos -- i had no idea! GREAT job, Fred! :-) happy yuletide!

  2. Wow, that is awesome Fred! Hopefully over the next year or so I'll be posting lesser losses myself (10 kg down, 15 to go)

  3. Also, I wouldn't term those "HAPPY fat sites" myself: chip, meet shoulders!!! However I am likewise guilty of trying to fit into HAES/fat acceptance after years of futile struggle...

  4. hi Tess and Val

    Thanks for the comments.

    It has been a more of struggle keeping below that number.

    The struggle can be exhausting and frustrating for sure. It is those who are satisfied with there current status that I cannot accept, but I can understand giving up and just ignoring the problem.


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