Friday, December 26, 2014

Food Excess Bah hum bugs

"It is our failure to to understand the essential nature of a emotion as it arises that get us into trouble. Once we understand the emotion, they tend to dissolve."

"It is not the situation that disturbs us but our thinking about the situation."

"There is a space between our observations and the conversion into a adequate impression."

Many emotions arise out of lack of fulfillment of one of our delusions of how life should be or the frustration of a delusion or frustration of an expectation. It is easier to see this in an example: If I have a expectations that I should be able to drive to my destination without traffic interference, I am likely to be pissed of that I cannot when everyone else is also trying to get some where. We just have to many people, too many cars, and need to get around just too much. So to overcome this, I must understand that traffic will be slow, zero flow, and getting worse. There is no solution other that not driving, or expect delays. This should end traffic frustration.

We likely have an idea that life should be pleasant; says who, my expectations. It is not likely so much of the time. Stress over a dis-eased mind, living in a seasonal smorgasbord, where food is plentiful, and suffering from a mild Prader-Willi like syndrome or mental state. I cannot describe it in any other way. The only thing that works well is to go away. This paper's description of eating issue on page 3 - 4, describe my eating behavior when I am not in control of it.

I think I could lose the remainder of this weight in a locked metabolic facility. But how could I keep it off after? try a 5-2 plan, locked up for 5 days, free for 2.

Prader-Willi is genetic: one either has it or does not, but there is a considerable range in the severity of it. It was blamed on excess ghrenlin, or on shortage of leptin, both of which may occur. Here is a description. I just cannot stop overeating in the presence of food. The only solution is to take myself away and do something. But enough about my problems. The solution is to do something, something that I do not dislike. That is the problem.

After all the reading and studding about food, diet, the attitudes of self that cause eating, food addiction, emotional maladaptive eating, eating disorders, temptation and environmental issues, physical causes of overeating including hyperinsulinemia, habit, cravings, desires, willful overeating, I am left to conclude that it is some physical overeating drive like some mild form of Prader-Willi. The treatment is to lock up the food, and that treatment works, but it leaves me unsatisfied. Such a fun way to live.



  1. My far-from-ironclad Intermittent Fasting routine** has served me well this holiday season: the first one in recent memory in which I DIDN'T gain any weight!
    **eating reasonable (satiating) portions w/in a 4-6 hr window
    All the best intentions of holding to this regimen every other day, but in reality I've done it on average twice a week...


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