Saturday, December 20, 2014

division of the calorie

On somebody's post a few days ago, I do not remember where now, there was a statement of calories from fats, carbohydrates, and proteins have different distributions to energy, storage, and thermal effects. I have been ruminating on this for several days, and tried to look up that post, to no avail. It matters not. The digestion processes do create different distribution, but even this is not fine enough divisions.

Fructose is not handled as glucose, both are handled somewhat differently as liquid than as solid forms. There is a time to absorb effect also. There is a liver take up glucose issue, and once the liver is "overflowed" either through rate of glucose or amount, it dumps to the body, where glucose is rapidly taken up by muscle and fat cells, if the insulin is adequate.

The fats are handled differently, mono and pufa are absorbed, and passed through, along with FFA's that are produced in the digestion process. Triglycerides are split to glycerides and FFA's. Medium chains are split to ketones bodies. Also anything else may be split to ketones in the absence of glucose. Glycerides are split into glucose and/or glycogen.

Some proteins are split in peptides, some are absorbed whole, some are split in several peptides long chains before being absorbed. These peptides are circulated until picked up by something, liver, tissue cells, kidneys, and used, converted to ketones or carbohydrates for fuel.

Each process uses energy and produces heat. Protein being the highest heat producer, fat the next, and carbohydrate being the lowest heat producer. Carbohydrate, on the other hand, drives insulin which in turn drives storage. It is the highest storage portion, and once in storage, insulin must go low, aka... we must pass through mild hunger... to get glucose out of storage.

OK. So what?

This may be the simple explanation of  why hunger is not a major problem on low low carb. We have passed through hunger, insulin is low, carbs and FFA's are coming out of storage easily.

This may also point out that meat is the best stuff for satiation, for it provides protein, a bit of carbs, and a bit of fat. Forget power protein, it is to quick to digest. Cooked fish and dairy are also fast to absorb. The modern chicken melt in the mouth. Old breeds of chicken do not grow as fast; and seem to be slower digesting. An old Huderite chicken can keep me going for days.

But that is my story, and I will stick to it until I forget it or it gets displaced, since I can only keep one idea in my head at one time.  

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