Sunday, December 7, 2014

Reminder to self

The enemy is high insulin.

Obesity is a dysregulation in fat storage. It is brought about at the end of a causal chain. Overeating is caused by a dysregulation in the endocrine system. High insulin locks FFA into the fat cells and that causes hunger. The cycle begins, and is kept going by any of the following:

Stress causes cortisol, from the pituitary glands, which cause hunger, and high insulin. 

Wheat, sugar, and starch also raise insulin, resulting in the same disruption, but from a separate cause.

Fructose in a larger quantity, as from honey in tea, grapes, or other sweet fruit causes a dopamine high which drives overeating, more fructose being the preferred. To feel this, one must be clean of sugar for a while first. It is adaptive, that is requires more for the same effect. This is a separate mechanism. This is a eat fruit when fruit is available genetic drive (winter is coming). Fructose always comes with glucose, which demands insulin release, and the endocrine system obliges.

Some food provide dopamine and opioid peptides directly. Wheat, processed meats and dairy products are typical examples. Butter, processed cheez and hard cheese are the worst.

Anyone with low impulse control is subject to these issues. We need sufficient impulse control to overcome the primal brain drives, or to know the causes and avoid the causal chain. Environment and temptation must be controlled until we learn impulse control. This too can be learned, and it chains to an unconscious desire, which we must suppress or displace rationally. It becomes frustrating to keep on displacing this genetic desire caused be ignorant of the problem food pushers and baiters (grannies, old aunts, food pushing friends).  

We need to learn impulse control, desire control and judgement control, AKA Stoic trifecta.

But what do I know?

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