Friday, December 5, 2014

Desire Quenching

During my searching on desire quenching I came across this web sight

Here are some experts:

First, let's imagine the ultimate form of desire modification (or "d-mod" as I will sometimes refer to it). In this ultimate form, each person would have a computer in his or her brain that could change his or her desires, habits, beliefs, personality, and emotions in any conceivable way. Here are some thoughts about what that would imply for the human species:

Such a technology would mean the instant end of economics as we know it. Utility theory assumes something called "local nonsatiation", which means that people always want more of something. With d-mod, local nonsatiation goes right out the window, since you can instantly dial yourself to a "bliss point" where you are just perfectly satisfied and don't want anything else. That's the end of scarcity.  

Instant nirvana. These "happies" (note the semi-pun) might just sit on sidewalks, letting their beards grow long, until they either died of starvation or were kept alive by altruistic passers-by.

But the extra life satisfaction that we'll get from d-mod, even so, will represent a bigger a boost to utility and happiness than any technology before or after. It will put the lie to the old (and wrong) idea that technology doesn't change human nature.

Nirvana is state of mind, where joy is high, and there is complete acceptance of the world, as it exists. There is not desires, aversions, expectations, delusions, only peace. But hold on here people, we can do this by the use of Stoic though patterns, at least in theory. We have no need of a computer program, we can program ourselves, if we so desire, but that is a desire that only we can satisfy for ourselves. It is within our own control. We have great ability to change" his or her desires, habits, beliefs, personality, and emotions in any conceivable way." 
Well  not in any conceivable way, but radically. Some things are up to us and some are not. Of our control is our judgements. Emotions are the result of poor judgements causing frustration, or discord among our beliefs. All this list is within our power to change, and think that makes it so. The question become what do we want to change into? And then, will we like our new personality better? What will other think of our new personality? 

What I am saying is that we now have that capacity, after learning a few Stoic tools, for the lack of a better word. I am not interested in what the mob is interested in and few of the mob is interested in what I am interested in. 

Bliss point is usually a mix point of perfect mix of flavors, sugar, fat and salt in a processed food that makes in hyper-palatable, and delightfully to the normal people, poisons to some of us obese and exobese. It is the ideal mix that has no satiation amount. Dialing ourselves to zero desire, full joy would be a alternative meaning for bliss point, but a suitable term. Oh well.

There is a danger that if such a program was possible, we would become addicted to it, and destroy ourselves through over use. We humans are capable of destroying ourselves through over consumption of most anything. 

But what do I know?  

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