Friday, December 27, 2013

White Poison, Sugar

So has the ADA seen the light?

There is no doubt that sugar is essentially poison,
so why is it so hard to give up and then to keep clean?

Sugar kicks up dopamine, and opioids.
Wheat and other acellular carbohydrates do the same.
Wheat is a dirty one,
it also brings a few opioids to the table,
just to be sure of consumption.

That are the chemicals that say we like that and we want more.
That is the reward system, (another negative definition).
Short term we want more.
Our lizard part of mind does not concern it's self with anything but short term, now.
It has survived for millions of years like that.
It and I have never had to adapt to excess.
Our higher level human brain says little,
it does not come into the picture until
we actually think about what we are consuming,
and think long term.

Where is our mid level brain in all this? Out to Lunch?

But what do I know?
Be well, eat real food, breath deeply,
smile easily, and enjoy what life has to offer.

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