Saturday, December 28, 2013


5;30 AM, not sleepy, woke up thirsty.
This was after the 4.30 furry alarm went off,
cheeky fox in the back yard ...
 " my back yard, let me chase him away."
-22 this AM, after a -5 yesterday AM and +5 high.
Oh well, it is end of December, but the days are getting longer.
That 7 week lag in the seasons is a drag.
Christmas bullshit is finally over, now comes new year crap.
Ain't apathy just wonderful. But new years is coming.

I was a pre-diabetic for years now.
This AM I stuck my finger and posted 6.9.
I guess that makes me an unofficial diabetic.
I knew it was coming.
That also explains why I was struggling with hunger,
 and also gaining weight.
I guess this means closer control, and even less carbs.

Reviewing what I ate yesterday,
it was lower carb, but not low.
Perhaps 100 gms, and too much cranspicy pork chops;
good but it contains HP sause; contains some sugar,
and then dried cranberries, aka more sugars.
This BG issue, oh well, I know it was coming.
The thirst in the mornings after higher carb days.
The keytones on my breath.
Well, I was in ketosis, but perhaps not so much as I thought.

I need to take up a sport of some kind.
Perhaps I will go look at archery in the new year.
Fire of shafts of wood at 40 or 50 metres per second
at straw targets at different distances.
Sounds exciting. Enough for now.

Be well, eat real food, breath deeply,
smile easily, and enjoy what life has to offer.


  1. Archery is a great sport. One of my sons took up archery at the age of ten he really enjoyed it and continued for some years.

    Barry Groves was a world champion archer.

    Whatever sport or pastime you choose hope you enjoy it.

    All the best Jan

    PS Eddie took up fishing at 60+ years of age and absolutely loves it. In the US and Canada you have some of the best fishing in the world why not give it a try

  2. Hi Jan:

    I did fish until the government got involved and made it near impossible for us local to fish here. We need four different permits, barb-less hooks, catch and release training, and we cannot keep any of the fish except for a few species of poor fish. The natives can decimate the fish populations, gill net, kill and waste, and the government is happy.

  3. Yes, Eddie needs a permit, barb-less hooks and the fish are always released. He is very fortunate to belong to a fishing club.

    It's a shame you can no longer fish.

    With New Year Being so close - I hope 2014 is a good one for you

    Take Care

    All the best Jan, Eddie and the low carb team


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