Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Diet and Logic

Is it likely that our human bodies would make and store energy in forms that are not good for us?

My answer to idiots like (not the bloggers, but the subject people),

We cannot store much carbohydrate, so we convert it to largely saturated fats. That is the end of whether saturated fat is an issue or not for me.

Carbohydrates, on the other hand, must be fresh and in limited amounts to control blood glucose. High blood glucose is not good, and is lowered by insulin and raised the liver. We can let our liver control it from the bottom end by simply not feeding on much carbohydrate.

Chicken is not satiating like beef. Look at the "duration of satiety to calorie ratio", to select diet friendly food. If a meal keeps me satiated for 4 hours, and has 300 calories, that is 75 calories per hour. As I sleep for 8 hours, I need to be satiated for 16 hours. 16 x 75 = 1200, aka a good meal for weight loss.

It is not the food, it is the willingness to follow the diet that becomes the issue.

Be well. Breath, smile and enjoy what life offers. Ignore the remainder. Dao.


  1. "Be well."

    Definitely, we should all do our best to be well and keep well.

    Thanks Fred

    All the best Jan

  2. I have not yet settled on a closing line. Thanks.


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