Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Or is the conclusion just wrong?

Sharma points out
Or is the conclusion just wrong, or pointing to the cause of overeating?

Is overeating a stress ... aggravation ...negative feeling...coping method or an ego protection method?

We live with stress, perhaps it is time start causing stress in the food industry people instead? My call for action... Quit buying sugar in all forms, wheat and other grains in all forms, all processed food, all ketchup ... to get back at Heinz for closing there Ontario plant.

Is it time to take action against artificial food additives and products? Stop buying them. Through sugar and wheat products out... simple... make a loud statement against evil sugar and acellular carbohydrates.

Eat real food.

But what do I know. Breath, smile, and enjoy the marketing circus. Dao.

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