Thursday, April 18, 2013

What is essential?

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What is essential in life, for life, or should it be of life?

Well, reading the Stoics, I realized, very little. All else is what we have been taught to believe is, or likely was, important. Growing up in poverty, and being happy, contented, screwed up my thinking for a greed based society that I lived in as an adult. I now know that it was the philosophy of the new testament that caused the issues. Put is it just concepts, noting more. That is an easy fix, even if it is too late for me.

I am starting to think that all people should study philosophy as a high school subject. There is danger in that for the government. Some of those same people would drop out of the greed based economy of today, and go live alternative lifestyles. Other would recognise the opportunity to rape, gouge, pillage, and plunder the people, and become rich, just as some do today. But this would all be done knowingly, not unconsciously, or accidentally.

On average, everyone in a bar becomes a millionaire, when Bill Gates walks in.

So is it ethical to work for a large food company, a drug company, a junk food company, McD for example. I have come to believe these should be treated as Buddha said of "Poison Merchants".

But what do I know.  


  1. "all people should study philosophy as a high school subject" yea if they can schedule it in why not: Josh

  2. It would be more useful than some of the stuff they currently study. I know there is a time issue, but perhaps we need a career decisions year, a bit of this philosophy, psychology, more calculus, physics, trig, food science. I do not know. All I am saying is that it is useful for me, after having read some of it. Perhaps spice up TV with it.

  3. I know many find philosophy an interesting subject. I don't think it is offered at schools until the latter years. I know my son decided to explore the subject more and found it fascinating. As with any school schedule they do what they think best, or what government policy dictates. Sometimes I think if time could be allowed for more every day life skills, benefits may come.
    Just my thoughts.

    All the best Jan


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