Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Excessive Appetite

The problem is excessive appetite. Obesity (now overweight) is the result.

The cause is largely chemical and in some part natural, perhaps even a natural excessive appetite.

Until we are ( I am ) willing to permanently give up the food that drives the chemical appetite, the issue will remain.

I must also be:
1) willing to give up sgo6eeh. ( see header)

2) willing to do 3 small moderate whole food meals each day.

3) willing to give up all "contributing" behaviors or factors; be they environmental, cultural, social, emotional...


  1. Surely will power has to play a huge part in the philosophy of weight management?


  2. Will power will only go so far. Those of us who have a compulsion to overeat, addiction, excessive appetite, or what ever this problem is, have fought it our entire lives, and will power is what it is, but not enough. We obese/exobese are not short on will power.

    Just try to will power a gay - straight. It is much more of a problem. Try looking at 30% obese, 65% overweight, and anyone that says will power or habit is just ignorant.

  3. Willpower has nothing to do with appetite. Appetite just happens when the body is not getting the proper nutrients. It's mother nature's way of saying, "I'm not getting what I need, therefore I will demand nutrients." Willpower will only last so long before a person caves in.

    I've been eating nothing but fat and protein for about 10 days and I am no longer hungry. I don't need willpower because my body is getting what it needs.


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