Monday, April 22, 2013

Appetite Control

What is clearly known about appetite control?

A web search yields lots of yap, very little information. Same old shit, controlled with water, ice, fibre...

It is psychological developed, why not psychological / philosophically controlled?


Appetite regulation is governed by hunger and satiety
signals released according to our state of energy
balance: hunger signals in response to fasting, and
satiety signals in response to feeding. Hunger signals
drive us to seek and eat food, whereas satiety signals
induce a state of non-stress and rest. There are two
problems with appetite regulation today. One is the
highly tasty food that overrides satiety signals and
triggers the reward system. The second is a lack of
physical activity, which makes overeating easier.

The problem is appetite control. The result of failure to control appetite is obesity. Appetite is a desire. How does one control ones desires, aversion, expectations, delusions and the like? How about that, folks. I know where I have seen that answered. It is one of the few things we have power over, our beliefs, values and ethics.

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