Friday, April 26, 2013

Negative toward recovery

In the past few days I have encountered a number of people that were negative toward what I have needed to do for recovery from obesity. Having a excessive appetite is an undesirable biological trait, in this time in the world, but I cannot look on it as a bad. Looking back over the bit of family history that I have, it is obvious that it likely biological, as I come from a long line of people who became heavy at some point in there lives. Oh well, we need to play the hand we are dealt.

Most modern diet people do not deal with calories, likely due to it being sloppy measurement, and fear of the science behind it. They do not deal with food absorption rate, satiation, satiety, or the human drive to eat. They do not address environment, culture, economy, lifestyle or available fresh foods. They avoid the philosophical and psychological factors effecting dieting. Most fear a feeling of deprivation, as a result of elimination of food groups, without understanding that food groups are artificial concepts, and the deprivation is a psychological/philosophical  item that can be displaced with a bit of knowledge and practice.

Oh well, shit happens. Negative people happen, and should be just walked away from. But what do I know? 

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