Saturday, April 20, 2013

What causes the drive to eat?

What causes the drive to eat? Appetite?

Ultimately, the drive to eat must be hard wired into us, so what if it is just a bit too strong? We can look at insulin all you want, and knowing high insulin causes glucose storage, but if no carbs leaves us hungry, what is the real issue? Low carb is part of the solution, but what is the remainder?

Now I know that low carb should work, according to the whole low carb community, but what is the solution when it does not?


  1. This is where I support guyenet, much of my own research and his point to neurons in the hypothalamus being the primary drive for seeking and intake of food, particularly AgRP.

    The evidence for this is pretty convincing because targeted damage to the AgRP will cause rodents to completely stop eating and they die of starvation.

    IF you want to understand why something makes you want to eat, or something makes you not hungry then ,Ultimately you would need to understand how its downstream affects work on the AgRP neurons.

  2. I do not really want to understand it, I just want a way around it, so that I can get on with life, without either hunger or overeating. It is a bitch going through life hungry.


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