Tuesday, April 9, 2013


I have been struggling maintaining and losing relosing this last 10 kgs for two years or more. It is time to rehash this entire obesity / overeating problem, one more time.

In engineering there are processes of looking at a problem to find solutions. There are two general solutions, remove the cause, and repair the damage or reconstruct so that the original cause is no longer able to do the damage it was originally doing. The "third" solution is some combination of the two. There is also a "zero" solution, that is do nothing, and ignore the problem.

The zero solution, in obesity, is to do nothing and watch the problem grow, aka, gain weight. This is not acceptable to me.

Remove the causes is difficult for the causes are multiple, and there are many contributing factors. Hunger, and the biological directive to eat are the two that can be ignored short term, but not long term. Then there is the psychological or emotional causes, the spiritual or philosophical causes, the socialenvironmental, physical addiction, chemical addiction, and behavioural addictions. We have come a long way down this path with Taubes, Lustig, Davis, Paleo in general, all the others.

Modification of the self, through gut modification, although is possible, is an extreme  and I do not think it deals with the real unknown problem, something psychological, philosophical, or physical that is still unknown to me, and drive me to the food. I have been listening to experts and trying things, but to no avail. It is impossible to live with this drive to eat, and not eat. I think the experts are missing something.

Learning to live with the problem, in such a way, that it is not a problem, can be done, but that too is a stop gap method, but at least it does work.

Studying the cause and elimination them, one at a time has been helpful, and I do better when I as so busy that I do not have time to eat, but how long can I tread water? Is there another way to learn to live with the problem and not have the problem effect me?       

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