Wednesday, July 18, 2012

OMG vs Yoni

From Six Weeks to OMG: Get Skinner Than All Your Friends
  Cold baths: Cold baths in the morning encourages the body to burn stored fat to stay warm, says Fulton. Taking a cold bath in water that’s between 15-20 degrees Celsius will boost metabolism for 12-15 hours. “It’s literally like being a more active person all day,” he writes.
  Skip breakfast: Skip breakfast and jumpstart the body into using stored fat. “Move the body when it has little energy floating around it, and energy will have to come from somewhere. Your body fat.”
  Drink black coffee: Caffeine boosts the central nervous system and on an empty stomach it burns fat more quickly. “Caffeine makes fat cells open up and empty their fat into your bloodstream,” he writes. “From there, fat can be transported to your muscles. Once it arrives at your muscles, they use this liquid fatty fuel to power them.” He suggests up to 200 mg of caffeine (two cups) in the morning and says the effects last for about five hours.
Exercise and move: Don’t get hung up on intensity and duration. Just move. “Moving fast makes you fit, but we’re here for fat. If you move fast, you may burn less calories overall than moving slower and going for longer.” Do exercises that use more muscles because that “equals more calories.” For instance, he suggests walking, rather than skipping, because it uses more muscles. It’s important to move in the morning, and then wait at least three hours before eating because you’ll burn fat during this time.
  Eat meals, not snacks: Eat three meals a day: mid-day, mid-afternoon and early evening. Meals control a person’s appetite because it releases leptin, which signals to the brain that it’s getting full. Snacking leads to overeating. You only burn fat during long gaps between meals. “All that ‘healthy snack’ stuff you hear” he writes, referring to foods such as dried fruit, nuts, bars, yogourts and fruit, “none of it is healthy between meals.”
  Juices and smoothies lead to overeating: Even though fruit contains vitamins, minerals and fibre, it’s high in fructose, which “can cause chaos.” Juices and smoothies “are keeping huge waddling crowds of health-conscious people fat,” he writes. “They might be full of nutrients, but there’s no such thing as an innocent smoothie.”
  Broccoli carbs can be worse than soda carbs: If you want to be skinny, eat less than 120 grams of non-vegetable carbs per day. For some, it makes no difference if they get carbs from a head of broccoli or a can of Coke, says Fulton. It’s the total daily carbs, not the type of carbs, that predict fat loss for some.
Me -- At least Yoni has credentials and his ideas are ok for those without extreme food issues. For some of us, we are just unable to follow his advise. Physiology will overtake philosophy ever time in the end. That is the reason low carb works, it is using physiology to control hunger. All we need to do is keep the carbage out of our bodies.  Beth and Yoni knows what a ideal diet must be ---Your best diet is the one that keeps your calories reduced, your hunger at bay, your cravings controlled, and provides you with a regimen that isn’t merely one you can tolerate, but rather one you can honestly enjoy.

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