Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Obesity misinformation

Obesity misinformation is a government conspiracy... well no, they are not that smart or organized, it could be a media...no not likely but possible, but why, or big ag... or big Pharma.... follow the money... or it just happened and we, the low carb community, now need to get militant and straighten out the problem.

The obesity issue benefits the medical industry, the food processing industry and in a general way agriculture industry. We need to eat, but how much.

As summarized by Les, populations are controlled money, media, and might. If we turn the population onto low carb, we need to do this one person at a time by overcoming the media, the wrong information and provide a reason to not eat processed food.

Artificial sweeteners are often pushed as a alternative to sugar, but those are lower calorie but not lifestyle choices.The issue with all carbonated beverages is that ingestion requires calcium to neutralize the acid effect. It must comes from diet or your bones.There is no other choices. Those with potential osteoporosis issues... over 20 years of age... should not be drinking carbonated beverages... in any form.  This should eliminate artificial sweeteners as a rational choice.

A similar concept of changing food choices can be made for elimination of low carb alternatives to cookies, breads, cakes, doe products... pasta, pizza, and the like. Recovery requires a lifestyle choice. Once we renounce carbage, we should not try to keep on eating those same foods that we did before, but totally change to new, (actually 100 year old) style of eating 3 moderate meals a day, meat and vegetable cooked at home, eaten at a table, sitting, with nothing but the plate of food, and others doing the same thing. 

That is purity radical, (misuse intended). But that is what some of us need, having gone from grossly obese to just overweight BMI.

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