Monday, July 16, 2012

Nanny State or People Lead Occupy Movement / Rebellion

Beth got me thinking again

If it was good enough for Mohammed, it is good enough for us... but I am not a Moore. Even some undesirable philosophy's have good points for some situations.

Perhaps we need to make a personal choice that we do not need the modern eatable products; become early rejecter of sugar, flours, omega 6 oils and wheat. Just eat real food, and seasonal local fruits.

Perhaps we need to take the time to learn real nutrition facts, and learn to sort "marketing facts" from real "scientific facts", knowing there are good and bad sides to all foods, and make real "science based choices". We can protect ourselves until there is political will to effect real change. First, we must overcome public apathy, and misinformation.

What about those of us who think sugar, flour, wheat, msg, Omega 6 seed oils (chemicals, lubricants, paint thinner), and edible ( or eatable) manufactured products are not real human food? No desire to eat, no deprivation. You people can eat what you want. I will eat real meat and vegetables. Perhaps the odd potato. Real food rebellion or regression to old style eating.

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