Monday, July 30, 2012

How do you feel Satiation?

Satiation is the process that ends an eating episode. It controls the meal size and duration.Satiety, on the other hand, is a state of non-hunger and controls subsequent hunger and food intake.

In my searching, I came across the above definition satiation. OK. It makes no sence to me. I have never felt anything but gluttoney,  a desire for more. Do "normal" people actually feel satiation, or is this just another concept? I need to stop after I finish my plate. I do not feel what is described as satiation.


  1. i wonder if you may have some nutrient absorption issues -- if you're constantly in need of some vitamin or mineral that your body doesn't GET, even if it is in the food, then the unremitting hunger makes sense.

  2. Thanks Tess. I suspect that but have found nothing yet. Doc was not much help. I tried cycling through high doses of many of the common vits, but never found any relief. I have always gotten a few days of relief, at a time, but cannot tie to any specific food.

  3. get sublinguals, if possible -- i understand they absorb better than in the GI tract.


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