Thursday, July 5, 2012

Obesity Reprograming

Changing our spiritual beliefs and core values, that is to say  our most basic of values may be necessary to overcome obesity. I had to take over the cooking in the household completely, else-wise I would get a great hot meal followed by three days of leftovers. To much sugar in everything. That was the choice. No use talking, asking, it made no difference. In fact it made the food worse. I just had to take over and do it for myself. I even had to take over the food shopping. Call that what you like, but it was not support.

There was a core value of mine that said I should not have to go that far, but that had to change. There was another core value that said I should not need to understand digestion of food, the nutrition absorption process, and how the appetite is developed from hunger, cravings, food supply as stored as fat, and the physiological and physical processes involved. Once I started to look at those areas, and the work of  W. Atwater, combined with a bit of chemistry, it became apparent that those that say a calorie is a calorie do not know any organic chemistry, and cannot separate bio-available energy from waste heat generated in a highly exothermic production of water, and the near neutral carbondioxide production.

Carbohydrate returns nearly one carbondioxide for one oxygen, while fat returns only 0.7 CO2 to one oxygen. The remainder goes into water production, along with additional water. 

Burning fat creates waste heat, and keeps us warm in winter. If we did not get that waste heat, we would need to create it, so in warm climates, humans can eat carbohydrates, while in cold regions, fat is the natural fuels. But the real difference is that once we become free of fructose and insulin, fat can be released to supply the body with energy, and appetite is much less, making staying on a food supply less that our habitual quantities is easier. Not that habitual quantities are another core value that must be changed. To reduce the insulin, we must reduce (eliminate) carbohydrates. 

This will meet with resistance, from the addict, habit, spiritual, emotional, physical, core values, intellect, ego, super ego, id, and other parts of us. Each part of us must be sold the idea, or convinced of the need for change, and never returning to the old ways. Perseverance is the only way to become completely convinced. To unlearn the old ideas, and learn new concepts that a more correct, or just more useful than the old concepts. We all harbour wrong concepts. We need to replace the wrong and harmful ideas.  

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