Monday, December 26, 2016

Attachment to Food and/or Eating

Peter Michealson, in Secret Attachments suggests that we have an attachment to food or eating that has gotten out of control. The cause is a concept of emotional injury or attachment to a negative emotion, fear of abandonment, resentment, ego or some other such issue. We may be using eating as a defense, but ultimately it is and attachment to a delusion or emotion locked into our psyche. Or we could like food a bit to much, another form of attachment. We need to let go of the attachment either way.

Buddha, back in his day said that all our suffering is some form of attachment to delusions, our thoughts, concepts, ideas, fears, graspings, expectations, hopes, dreams, and opposites, are all forms of delusions. In other words it is our attachments to the things that drive our lives in the direction we want to go that cause the problem, So if we are not attached to where we go or what happens, we can be free of all suffering. Well, if we do not care, it does not matter. Yes. So being ready to let go of our attachments if that attachment is what freedom of suffering is all about. It is the attachment that is common to all the issues, so if we let go of the attachment, then we are free.

All property, shelter and the like was owned by the community of monks, and they then provided housing, shelter, food, close, etc to the monks. Monks supported the community, begged for the community, and worked for the community. OK. They owned nothing, had nothing, and were free but cared for by the community. Some had jobs within the community: it needed a treasurer, builders, gardeners, beekeepers, etc,

 It is specifically letting go of attachment that the Buddhist promote, regardless of what the attachment is aimed at. So could letting go of the desire for food and/or eating be part of the solution? sounds like it should work, but how does one let go of a attachment? That is the question.      

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