Wednesday, December 14, 2016

which way do you wobble?

Which way do you wobble? We all wobble, and we cannot run true when we grew up in a wobbling society, culture, learned to wobble from eccentrics, just to survive. So where is the center to correct for eccentricities, and that is true to correct for wobbles, and then there are questions of speed and balance.

The point is that nobody knows for sure. When it comes to overeating there are many hypotheses, and nobody knows what is right and what is not. It is obvious that it is not a single problem, for then those who have fixed the problem would have created a pattern that works for others. There are many patterns and none of them work universally. Many of those who were obsessive about eating have switched to measurement obsession, or exercise obsession, or running obsession, which will work until age or injury set in. So is changing obsession a cure?

We overeaters have a big wobble toward eating and usually away from exercise. The issue with exercise it requires time, and we need to take something else out of our lives. That is but one of the problems. Doing something that we do not enjoy makes it drudgery. It is like an athlete learning more calculus, doing calculus exercises just to stay fresh. Just does not happen for long.

So do we need to produce an anti-eating wobble to counter balance this problem. Everyone is wobbling differently so what is true?        

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