Wednesday, December 21, 2016


What are cravings? These are attachments to feelings, desires, emotions, desires for specific foods, flavors. The strength of the attachment or desire is the problem. The only found solution is to let go of the attachment. So what help is that and how is that achieved?

Science, in the form of psychologists, remain quiet on that. It is the craving that cause me much problems.

So those of us with strong desires for food, for comfort, for some other emotion that food acts as a substitute for have a problem, which the medical professionals have no clear answer for. Our best guess it is cause in childhood, and it is some attachment to something that make us feel better. The marketing psychologists know how to drive the attachment by keeping food/food advertising in our faces constantly. But there is no know relief, other that isolation in an active enjoyable environment, where food is not available. The problem  is, one cannot live for extended periods in such an environment. There is no solution. that is what it come down too. Fuck It.    

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