Friday, December 23, 2016

Fictitious Concept of Self Control

Fictitious Concept of Self Control

Not all humans have anything like self control. That statement files in the face of psychologists, government, doctors with there non-compliant concept. In fact, I can see little evidence that more than a few have "self-control" No one wants to be fat, yet 2/3 of the population is. All anyone needs to do to not be fat is to not eat as much. We see drug dependency, alcoholics, smokers, all of which would not be if they had "self-control" so I suggest that self control is a delusion, a concept we have but is not a real thing, much like gods. So if we are bowing at the alter of self control, and not getting anywhere, what is the logical next step? Stop believing in self control. It does not really exist.

That does not say we should stop trying. Agrippina, or was it Socrates, the old Greek said resist and persist are the two great virtues, or something to that effect. He said those were optional but desired characteristics. I use the word optional for some characteristics unlike duty, following traditions, loyalty to your city state, good moral behavior were just expected, and the transgressors were just not tolerated. They either left to take up residence elsewhere, to travel or were eliminated by other methods, sold into slavery, exiled, exterminated. There is no suggestion that people could force change on themselves, just that they should try.

That is where modern thoughts break down. It is assumed or preached by those in authority that people can change if they want it bad enough, yet there is not what the evidence says. Just look at the fat, smoking, drinking, drugging, lying, cheating, tax evasion, people abusing,  and how many are left as honorable humans? None, or close to that number. So trying to acheive is all we are capable of, achievement itself is more luck that anything.   

There are many of us who just cannot follow a diet when food is available. It is a human problem, and only those who have no attraction to food or make extreme efforts are being successful. Obesity is therefore a cultural/societal problem, not a individual problem. That is what the average human reaction is telling us.     

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