Friday, November 14, 2014

Why do we overeat?

The question is why do we overeat?

Useless answers... We have either a physical or mental problem. We should head directly for a doctor or a psychologist....

There are three reasons we overeat:
uncontrolled hunger, uncontrolled cravings, uncontrolled desires

Hunger, cravings and desires. OK.

We don't realize why we're eating it and why we can't control our appetite for it.

Zoe Harcombe: Candida, Food Intolerance ,Hypoglycaemia  

Ah yes, these are real problems, I do not have any of these beyond food induced hyperinsulinemia, the other half of hypoglycaemia, but often when I am craving my BG=5.2 or 5.3. Not the problem. 

Food Intolerance, the body dumps on a bunch or adrenalin, and we are off to the races. Not the problem.

Learned behavior, habit.  OK

Fight or flight Comfort eating, Numbing out, Frustration, Self attack

 Social Influence, Mindless Eating, Visual Cues as Guides, Convenience

and then there is my list of 8 groups that includes most of the above.

So the only thing new out of this bunch of searching is desire, but wait, excessive desire is there.

So how does one get rid of a unwanted desire?

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